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Computer (Use)

Computer (Format)

Computer (Model)

Processor (Family)

Hard drive (Capacity GB)


Screen (Size)

Optical drive

Graphics card (Chipset)

Memory (Type)

HDMI ports

DVI ports

DisplayPort ports

VGA ports

Processor (Model)

Processor (Nb Cores)

Processor (Socket)

Card profile

USB 3 ports

USB 2 ports

PC with screen, used reconditioned and guaranteed

Computers with screen

All of our used PC packs are reconditioned by our team of qualified technicians.

The models and brands of screens, keyboards and mouse delivered in these lots can not be known before the order.

By default we prefer the colors black and then gray, otherwise we will contact you to choose together another color.

If you prefer to choose your own devices simply choose your different items in our shop.

All our second-hand PCs have a minimum 1-year warranty to give you more peace of mind.

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