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Company Overview

Little Phoenix is ​​a company created in 2018 and based in Vannes (Brittany, France).

We are specialized in used products, refurbishment and sales of computer hardware, phone and electronics from the business world, end of series and show models of stores.
Attached to strong values​​, we offer to our customers a shopping experience and a pre-sales advice if they want to better understand their expectations and respond as accurately as possible.

When you place an order on our website, you are not just buying an electronic product:

1) You act for the planet by giving a second life to product that still has good years ahead.
2) You save money compared to buy new product.
3) You can benefit from expert advice to make the right choice.
4) You have access to the professional range for the price of a standard range.

By contacting us, however, there are things that we will not be able to offer you and we sincerely apologize in advance ... "bad mood", "dishonesty" , "a service in an exotic country" ... For the rest we will always be happy to exchange with you and hope you will like our services !